Women’s Shoes Repair

Before you put your favorite shoes aside, visit us to evaluate their condition.

Men’s Shoes Repair

The demanding routine of everyday life does not exhaust only you but also your shoes. However a good pair of shoes, even if it has been damaged, can be renewed.

Footwear Refurbishments

Do not throw away last season shoes. We have the expertise and the equipment to turn them into a pair of shoes that will faithfully follow the trend of the current season.

Renewal of leather goods

Renew your furs, bags, belts, and accessories. Change the colors and repair the damages.

Cleaning and disinfecting of footwear

Disinfection of shoes from fungi and odors with photocatalysis and infrared radiation.

Mountaineering / climbing / hiking shoes

Restore the shoes that have accompanied you to your excursions.

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